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Sponsor a Child

This program provides elementary school children with the necessary tools to learn, grow and prepare for high... Read More

Stoves Program

The purpose of the program is to replace the open fires that many of the people maintain all the time in their homes ...
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Canadian Central American Relief Effort (CCAMRE)is a non-profit organization run by volunteers, and provides economic development, education and health initiatives in .... Read More


Sponsor A Child

CCAMRE will be celebrating its 15th Gala Night on March 7th 2015. We are preparing a special event for you, more information coming soon. Last Year Event


This program helps teenagers to continue their education in highschool and learn a trade...     Read More


This project was set out to provide basic daily needs to seniors of the village of Volcancito ... Read More

Our Mission

CCAMRE Focuses on initiatives that enhance the capacity of communities to become self-sufficient.