Sponsor a Child

This program provides elementary school children with the necessary tools to learn, grow and prepare for high... Read More

Stoves Program

The purpose of the program is to replace the open fires that many of the people maintain all the time in their homes ...
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Canadian Central American Relief Effort (CCAMRE)is a non-profit organization run by volunteers, and provides economic development, education and health initiatives in .... Read More


CCAMRE's 14th Annual Dinner and Dance Event was a great event. We had an amazing evening with beautiful music, delicious food, and best of all your company. We were humble and grateful for your support and kindness. Thank you members and friends of CCAMRE. Read More


This program helps teenagers to continue their education in highschool and learn a trade...     Read More


This project was set out to provide basic daily needs to seniors of the village of Volcancito ... Read More

Our Mission

CCAMRE Focuses on initiatives that enhance the capacity of communities to become self-sufficient.

Mission Mar 2014

CCAMRE 14th humanitarian Mission 14th

On March 22, eleven volunteers left the comfort of this beautiful land on a journey to help others. The humanitarian mission worked tirelessly for two weeks, enduring ...

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Mission April2013

CCAMRE 13th humanitarian Mission

11 Canadian volunteers travelled to Guatemala to donate their time, funds, and skills to make a difference in the lives of indigenous from the Merendon Mountains, Guatemala ...

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Mission April2012

CCAMRE 12th humanitarian Mission

One highlight of this year’s mission was the beginning of the Breakfast Program for 149 school age children of Volcancito. CCAMRE truly believes that nutrition plays an important part in the development of a child and we feel that this Breakfast Program ...

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Mission April2011

CCAMRE 11th humanitarian Mission

The only time the Mayan Chorti people in the Merendon Mountains see a doctor is when CCAMRE’s mission arrives. During the mission, in eight working days, we treated more than 618 patients, an average of 77 people. The need for health care is overwhelming.

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Mission April2010

CCAMRE 10th humanitarian Mission

My trip to Guatemala with CCAMRE was quite a learning experience for me, it was almost surreal to see so much harsh poverty in such a beautiful country. The people of the Merendon Mountains had so little, yet they were so friendly and gracious for our help, they made it easy to want to help them. Being a plumber I was able to fix the plumbing at the community center and modified the village storage tank so that overflow could be used for irrigation...

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Mission April2009

CCAMRE 9th humanitarian Mission

The 2009 Mission included a number of people from earlier missions and they were amazed to see the improvements in the Aldea of Timushan, the village where CCAMRE first started to work. The evidence we see of improved living conditions, health and dental care, and sustainable economic activities confirms that our activities are bringing notable life style improvement to these people...

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