Dr. Russell Grover

Dr. Russell Grover and his wife Heidi Grover,
CCAMRE Humanitarian Mission 2014.
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Dental Care Program

Dr. Russell Grover joined CCAMRE Mission in 2003, he is the person that initiated the free dental care in the Merendon Mountains in La Union, Zacapa. He donated a dental clinic . Now, the villagers received free dental care in. Dr. Russell Dental clinic. He has been instrumental for the success of the dental Program and Clinic. CCAMRE has an agreement with the University of San Carlos of Guatemala to send students in their last year to the Merendon Mountains for 8 months to do their last year of schooling.

If you would like to participate in CCAMRE Humanitarian Missions please contac us at info@canadiancamre.org and make a difference in the lives of less fortunate people from Guatemala. You can also help by donating using the link below.

Dental Prg