Hilda Rossi is the founder and creator of The Canadian Central American Relief Effort, non profit organization. She came to Canada on Sep. 1964. She was born in La Union, Zacapa, in Guatemala in the Merendon Mountains near the Honduran border.  She now lives in Oakville - Ontario. Hilda is the engine that impulses CCAMRE. She is a leader with heart that knows how to conquer people around her to help in her noble cause. She is a very courageous and truthful person that decided to go and saw with her own eyes the material and spiritual needs of the less fortunate in the Merendon Mountains and with her compassion and generosity she looked for a way to help them.


Helping others in such ways as Hilda is doing, is a source of inspiration for most of us who feel the privilege of helping less fortunate persons. People like Hilda Rossi is not so easy to find.

Hilda loves to know people and cares about their input, please contact Hilda at
E-mail: hrossi@canadiacamre.org
Phone: 905.849.8350

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