Humanitarian Mission Trip to Guatemala, 2007


This spring our President, Hilda Rossi and Membership Co-ordinator, Della Redwood, traveled to Guatemala. It was decided that this year’s mission would be limited in number, as the political climate made the area somewhat unstable. However, CCAMRE wanted to re-enforce their continued commitment and desire to help. The pair visited the indigenous communities of Timushan, Volcancito, Pena Blanca and La Vegona in the Merendon Mountains of Guatemala. It was a very busy mission for both Hilda and Della as they evaluated the present projects and investigated the possibilities of new ones.

This is a new project for CCAMRE. In the past we have worked with the communities as a whole, not just one portion of the village. However, this past year CCAMRE received a donation dedicated solely to the support of the seniors. During this year’s mission, Hilda and Della interviewed 8 seniors and asked them what their needs and desires were. Based on these interviews, they purchased mostly nutritional items and storage containers for these items. With the donation CCAMRE received we were able to commit to 3 more installments of these items over the next year. We are looking forward to being able to continue this program over the years to come as well.