Our Mandate is to share our resources of skills, knowledge and funds to work for:

  • Rotary Club Water Project
  • Education and Awareness Building
  • Dental Care
  • Medical Aid
  • Child Sponsorship
  • Community Planning and Economic Development
  • Networking and Fundraising

  • CCAMRE has many programs to help indigenous people from the Merendon Mountains to become self sufficient, such as:  

  • Sponsor a Child and Breakfast Program
  • Scholarship Program
  • Fertilizer Program
  • Stove Program
  • Seniors Program
  • Sewing Program


    CCAMRE organizes mission trips yearly to Guatemala to work in the communities, identifying their needs and enabling them to engage in community development process.

    Humanitarian Mission April2016

    The volunteers on this humanitarian mission worked tirelessly for two weeks, enduring the heat, dust and much physical and mental difficulty. We visited 5 villages and attended to more than 1000 patients; Dentists Dr. Russell Grover and Dr. David Silverstrom from the USA, and Medical Doctor, Dr. Yohana Ayala from La Union, Guatemala, all did some truly remarkable work. The lineup of patients was overwhelming ... ... Read More

    Humanitarian Mission April2015

    We visited 10 villages and attended to more than 1000 patients; Dr. Russell Grover, Dr. Richard Morris and Dr. Yohanna Ayala did some truly remarkable work. The lineup of patients was overwhelming. We could see the happiness in the natives faces on our arrival. We evaluated the projects and programs; Sponsor a Child Program, Stove Program, Construction, Scholarship, Breakfast Program, and Senior Program. Read More

    Humanitarian Mission April2014

    On March 22th, eleven volunteers left the comfort of this beautiful land on a journey to help others. The humanitarian mission worked tirelessly for two weeks, enduring the heat, dust and much physical and mental difficulties; however the only time the communities in those mountains see a Physician or Dentist is when CCAMRE arrives... Read More

    Humanitarian Mission April2013

    Eleven Canadian volunteers travelled to Guatemala to donate their time, funds, and skills to make a difference in the lives of needed native people from the Merendon Mountains, Guatemala ...

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    Humanitarian Mission April2012

    One highlight of this year’s mission was the beginning of the Breakfast Program for 149 school age children of Volcancito. CCAMRE truly believes that nutrition plays an important part in the development of a child and we ... Read More

    Humanitarian Mission April2011

    The only time the Mayan Chorti people in the Merendon Mountains see a doctor is when CCAMRE’s mission arrives. During the mission, in eight working days, we treated more than 618 patients, an average of 77 people. Read More


    Sponsor A Child & Breakfast Program

    This program started at the end of 2011 and it has run a full scholar year on 2012. It has been a great success, on December 2012 we had 28 children sponsored, and we fed 150 children a nutritious breakfast. The purpose of this program is to provide elementary school children of Volcancito the necessary tools to learn, grow and prepare for high school...
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    Scholarship Program

    The Scholarship Program has been operating for ten years now and continues to be viewed as one of the most important programs that we provide. We sponsor more than 35 students from Timushan, Pena Blanca and Volcancito to continue their education at the high school level. This financial support enables the students to pay for uniforms, books and supplies, transportation, one meal (usually lunch), and in some cases room and board ...
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    Mixtamal Program

    The Mixtamal or Corn Grinding Program is one that has been ongoing since 2004 when the grinding sheds and equipment were built and installed. At the time of the 2012 mission neither of the corn grinders were operating, in part that the people felt the cost of having corn ground was too much and in part because the grinder in Volcancito needs repairs. The repairs were authorized and discussion took place such that the grinding fees were reduced to Q10 to make it much more affordable.

    Sewing Program

    This is the second year that Cecilia Bardsley (Sewing Project Coordinator) has been teaching the people in Peña Blanca and she had the pleasure of working with Zoila Salguero for the two weeks. Their work was challenging due to the fact that they needed to share the space with three classes being taught in the same room. So as not to disturb the other classes some women sewed by hand and a great many of items from the sewing supplies were organized. The group was smaller this year making it much easier to teach. They made three types of lined handbags, a hanging organizer, and two different styles of blouses. Though the group members have limited reading comprehension there is a school teacher amongst them whom I hope will be able to assist and reinforce using the patterns until everyone is comfortable with their learned skills. The two sewing machines often jam or break down but fortunately Abel, the group leader, is becoming quite proficient at their repair. We are pleased to say the group is well organized and has sufficient supplies for the year. The other sewing group in Volcancito is also well supplied and some are presently sewing school uniforms. Leslie Barmania, our new mission member, was busy teaching this sewing group the new craft of knitting.


    The 2012 mission, with support from S.H.A.R.E. Agriculture Foundation saw the start of the Stove Program. The purpose of the program is to replace the open fires that many of the people maintain all the time in their homes with a compact fully enclosed and properly vented stove. The primary benefit is better health for the people as it eliminates the need for living in a smoke filled room. Respiratory disease is a big problem in the area and this will go a long way to minimizing that issue. The new enclosed stoves also reduce the need for firewood by 30% to 50% while at the same time providing a good surface upon which to cook. In late 2011 we sent 6 representatives from Timushan, Pena Blanca, Volcancito and Campanario to Antigua, Guatemala to be trained by S.H.A.R.E. Subsequently S.H.A.R.E. provided $2,000 and 2 expert builders who worked with the leaders in La Union to teach them how to build the stove. As part of this initiative 2 stoves were built in each of Timushan, Pena Blanca and Volcancito. The local people will now show others how to build the stoves to ensure the expertise is spread as widely as possible. The material cost of building a stove is Approximately $250.00


    This project has been in place since our first mission in 2001 and was started in Timushan but since been extended to Pena Blanca, Volcancito, Campanario Avansada, and Taguayni. The fertilizer is used to plant beans and corn usually around May and June. The communities depend on this project as the means to plant and grow these crops to support themselves and their families.