Scholarships Program

Help us give youth the opportunity to become self-sustainable thru education


Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, each year CCAMRE provides scholarships for approximately 35 students to continue their education beyond elementary school.

Obtaining a high school education is critical to an individual’s or family’s ability to raise their living conditions beyond their current state of poverty. Unfortunately, this ability is not there for families like the ones living in villages such as Pena Blanca and Volcancito.

Although tuition is free, the students have to pay for uniforms, supplies, transportation and meals when away from home. The nearest high schools are anywhere from 6km to 15km away from their homes.

Most Men in the villages work as casual labour on farms and coffee plantations, their salary average is 25 Quetzals per day (C$3). This, along with a small garden of beans and corn allows a family of 6 to live day to day.

CCAMRE scholarships cover about 80% of the cost a student incurs. Thanks to CCAMRE’s help a number of students have been able to graduate from high school and obtain jobs ranging from clerical positions to teachers at the primary level.

You can help us send more children to high school by supporting this program. Each child needs about $450 to per scholar year, however any amount is welcome, we can have more than one sponsor per child. Contact Roy at