About Our Charity

This is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of the Maya Chorti people of the Merendon Mountains in Guatemala. Nutrition, water, clothing, medical, dental care and education. These are all important to CCAMRE. This is a team of people with big hearts and different skill sets coming together to make life a little better for the indigenous.

Our Mission & Vision

CCAMRE Vision, Mission and Mandate

CCAMRE Vision is a community of Canadians working in partnership
with a community on Central-Americans resulting in improved
lives in both regions.

CCAMRE Mission 

CCAMRE focuses on initiatives that enhance the capacity of communities
to become self-sufficient.

CCAMRE Mandate

To share our resources, skills, knowledge and funds to work for:

Refiel Effort

Helping victims of Natural Disasters in Guatemala

Education & Awareness Building

CCAMRE help people through education and training. Adolescents and the adults will have the opportunity to learn and will enable them to have a better future.  

Medical and Dental Aid

CCAMRE has made a huge positive impact on the Health of the Mayan Chorti people through Dental and Medical programs. 

Partnership Development

CCAMRE has been able to achieve its goals with the support of Canadian NGOs, University of San Carlos de Guatemala, Rotary Clubs (Canadian and Guatemala), Guatemala Minister of Health and Guatemalan Government  

Networking / Fundraising

It helps CCAMRE to outreach the Canadian Communities and this enable Us to support the ungoing projects and programs.

Community planning and Economic Development

CCAMRE helps improve the lives of people with projects that create a positive impact in the community. Improving the water, the environment and the basic services of the inhabitants 

” CCAMRE is a dedicated group of volunteers working diligently here at home and with the Mayan Chorti Indigenous peoples in the Merendon Mountains who live in extreme poverty.  We cannot fix the huge problem but at least we can do our humanitarian part to help our fellow men that have not been as fortunate that we have been. “

– Boards of Directors

Who We Are

Our Team & Leadership

We are Canadian volunteers working to help Mayan Chorti Indigenous peoples in the Merendon Mountains who live in extreme poverty to become self-suficent thru education and job opportunities.  Join us to make a different in the lives of these less fortunate fellow men, women and children.

Hilda Rossi

Hilda Rossi


CCAMRE Founder and President 

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

Canadian Central American Relief Effort (CCAMRE) is a registered charitable organization. The success and availability of all the projects is based solely upon the success of the fundraising activities and donations; the generosity of donors like you allows CCAMRE to develop projects and initiatives to help the indegeneous people of the Merendon Mountains in Guatemala.

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