Spring/Summer 2020

Bringing hope to the villages in The Merendon Mountains

CCAMRE’s Mission 2020

Our journey to Guatemala was extraordinary. 17 mission members and I left our comfortable lives in Canada and donated our funds, expertise and love to help the Mayan Chorti communities in the Merendon Mountains of Guatemala.  The kind words and actions from the mission members go a long way toward helping them. Members of the communities expressed their gratitude to all the mission members for their contribution to help improve life for the Mayan Chorti. We worked on many programs and projects such as High School and University Scholarship, the Sponsor a Child (SACP), Seniors Assistance, Dental and Health Programs, and the Water Project. By Hilda Rossi

Janet, John and Sponsored Child, Jenny

Sponsor A Child Program

This was the first time I participated in a CCAMRE mission and I now have a much better understanding of the needs of the Mayan Chorti people in the Merendon Mountains. In my role with the Sponsor a Child Program (SACP) it was a pleasure to meet the sponsored children as they are no longer just names on a list and photos on the internet. It was very obvious that the need is great for the support provided by CCAMRE for these children and their families. It was quite amazing to actually meet and interact with the children. I was part of the SACP team and worked with Christine Lovisotto, Blanca Aurora Baldizon and Reyna Morales. There are currently 40 sponsored children. On the mission we interviewed and photographed all the children who are part of the SACP. This process validates the SACP and allows us to ensure that the children are still attending school and are eligible for the program. By Janet Bot

Cecilia and Alejandro, a scholarship recipient

Scholarship Program (ESSP)

The 2020 Mission was productive, thorough and enjoyable; our mission members from Canada, USA and Guatemala were a hardworking, focused and cohesive group. The ESSP has students in Volcancito, Peña Blanca and Timushan enrolled in Basico (12), Bachillerato/Diversificado (4) and university (4). This year we received more applications mostly for Basico, with a number of applicants from older students wanting to return to school.  Every year we spend time with each student within the ESSP. This year I received a donation of condoms from a Canadian doctor and kits of reusable/washable sanitary pads. ESSP organized separate Health and Sexual Education presentations for girls and boys at three Basico level schools. We had great participation from school teachers. By Cecilia Bardsley

CCAMRE Members, Sandra and Aurora, providing medical assistance to a local mom and children

Dental Team


CCAMRE Members from Canada and Guatemala, working on the water project

Water Project in Volcancito Abajo

Water for Volcancito Abajo is sourced from a small number of springs high on a hillside above the village. The springs converge at a central collection point and are then fed via pipe to the village. Testing has shown that some of the water was pone to contamination so the CCAMRE Construction Team—Eddie, Michael, Matteo, Celina and John worked with Alfredo, Santos, Victoriano and Manuel to tap only the potable springs. This was accomplished by extending the collection pipe to the pure water source. This will ensure a steady supply of fresh, clean water to the village.

By John Bot

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