Economic Development


We have worked with community members improve their economic prospects. Examples include the Sewing and Nixtamal Programs.



Sewing Program


This is the second year that Cecilia Bardsley (Sewing Project Coordinator) has been teaching the people in Peña Blanca and she had the pleasure of working with Zoila Salguero for the two weeks. Their work was challenging due to the fact that they needed to share the space with three classes being taught in the same room. So as not to disturb the other classes some women sewed by hand and a great many of items from the sewing supplies were organized. The group was smaller this year making it much easier to teach. They made three types of lined handbags, a hanging organizer, and two different styles of blouses. Though the group members have limited reading comprehension there is a school teacher amongst them whom I hope will be able to assist and reinforce using the patterns until everyone is comfortable with their learned skills. The two sewing machines often jam or break down but fortunately Abel, the group leader, is becoming quite proficient at their repair. We are pleased to say the group is well organized and has sufficient supplies for the year. The other sewing group in Volcancito is also well supplied and some are presently sewing school uniforms.



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Canadian Central American Relief Effort (CCAMRE) is a registered charitable organization. The success and availability of all the projects is based solely upon the success of the fundraising activities and donations; the generosity of donors like you allows CCAMRE to develop projects and initiatives to help the indegeneous people of the Merendon Mountains in Guatemala.

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