Our Programs

CCAMRE has a number of programs in place to assist the Chorti Mayan communities of the Merendon Mountains of Guatemala

The Only way to Help is to Make things Happen

CCAMRE has several programs in which you can collaborate. Feel free to see each one and inform yourself about what we are achieving thanks to your help.

Sponsor a Child

The goal of SACP is to provide elementary school children with the necessary tools to learn, grow and prepare for high school. More info…

Dental Care

CCAMRE provides dental care to community members, free of charge, thanks to the generosity of Dr. Russell Grover. More info…

Breakfast Program

Our breakfast program ensures that the elementary school children have the necessary food to fuel their learning, The most important meal. More info…

Scholarship Program

CCAMRE sponsors more than 35 students from Pena Blanca and Volcancito to continue their education at the high school level. More info…

Stove Program

The purpose of the program is to replace the open fires that many of the people maintain all the time in their homes with a compact fully enclosed stove. More info...

Economic Development

We have worked with community members to┬áimprove their economic prospects. Examples include the Sewing and Nixtamal Programs. More info…

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Canadian Central American Relief Effort (CCAMRE) is a registered charitable organization. The success and availability of all the projects is based solely upon the success of the fundraising activities and donations; the generosity of donors like you allows CCAMRE to develop projects and initiatives to help the indegeneous people of the Merendon Mountains in Guatemala.

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